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Fees - Immigration Issues

Freemanns is registered with the SRA - the Solicitors Regulation Authority, SRA Id 664031


In our Immigration Department we cover all areas of the complex and dynamic UK Immigration Law and Practice. We cater for the needs of both private individual and businesses. Our immigration law practitioners have many years of experience: most have gained enormous experience of dealing with a diverse range of immigration matters in different types of firms, local and national.

Some of the areas of work and practice in which we represent clients include:

  • Applications for spouse, marriage and fiancé visas;
  • Work permits and business applications;
  • Visas for performing artists and/ or group tours;
  • Student Visa Applications;
  • British Citizenship and Nationality Applications;
  • Appeals (including Deportation Appeals);
  • etc.

Freemanns Solicitors aware that the applicable immigration laws and rules are often intricate and confusing, are here to guide and help our clients to succeed in their applications or appeals against negative decisions by a Visa Officer or the Home Office. Changes or amendments are made frequently to the laws, which a lay person or non-practitioner can hardly keep up with. The Human Rights Act and European Courts decisions are sources that we regularly rely on in order to obtain favourable outcomes for our clients.